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Harley Rose Taich is a young new author of “Heads Up! The Story of Finn and Reef, a concussions book for Children”.  Harley’s experience drove her pen to complete her first children’s story with all inspiration coming from her August, 2011 surfing accident.  Harley will never forget this competitive day in August which changed her world and path in life.  As she looks back today, she realizes that every time she thought she was being rejected from her life of surfing, she was actually being re-directed to a life of something of greater value.  The life of being of service, to help others and give back to those in need.  “Heads Up” is an inspirational book of a boy’s struggle with injury, recovery and learning to keep a positive attitude in the face of adversity.  A boy’s unfortunate surfing accident becomes a heartfelt endeavor which strengthens the lives of one family.  Children will learn valuable lessons of responsibility, patience, respect and unconditional love. They will be inspired to follow their dreams – an enchanting theme our young author shares with the readers.  Parents will take pleasure in reading along with their children.  Ages 4+